The organic forming process

The organic forming process

 Organic forming adventure in feature

How to work earthworm in dry soil, how to create earthworm into the soil. Zero investment
in agriculture. Initial stage of farming work. Best organic farming methods. Calculation of
man power into the field. How to build in agriculture economically.

1.importance of organic forming

How to protect soil from
chemical fertilizer. Natural or organic fertilizer making process. Cowden usages in farming
field. Small grains making process. How to create interest process in small grains in children.
Water supplying method in land.

2.Main functions

The land preparation before farming . How to
create farming in technology. Traditional cultivating process in farming method. Compare
the Indian and foreign agricultural methods. The floating issues in farming field . People
expectation about the current vegetables.

The agricultural tools and equipment in traditional way. How to plowing in the soil. The
animal wastages using agricultural field. The trees plant in our garden, To maintaining the
process. It may affect the garden.

If Possible means to cultivate or remove the tree from
center of the garden. The surround area to build by trees. Especially the palm tree planted. it
gives many benefits to human being wealthy and healthy way. Its useful for the reducing
blood sugar and maintain normal levels. To protect our active cells. The most organic food is
to create healthy people circle. The growth time will be reducing compare the new forming
methods. We have to achieve the zero pollution environment. If we are involved the farming
method to achieve the mental refresh.

3.future performance

Its also the great examples in future generation. They
have to easily get in idea about the organic farming method. The experienced need for the
teaching methods. In this process to protect the air, water and soil pollutions.
Its may take over the government sector, its create the many job opportunities for young
generation people and unemployment to create in our countries.

Sun shine with plant growth

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