Bulksms and whatsapp?

Bulksms and whatsapp

What is Whatsapp Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS Service has been steadily growing since many years. Past few years have witnessed a lot of growth of the instant messaging apps like whatsapp. What is Whatsapp Bulk SMS? Whatsapp Bulk SMS does the same work as bulk SMS, but messages are delivered via whatsapp. You can communicate with your clients using the broadcast feature available in whatsapp.

Comparative study between Whatsapp Bulk SMS and Bulk SMS

Below we have mentioned several factors of comparison between these 2 features of promotion:

1. Number of messages

In whatsapp there is a limit of sending messages and the message can be sent to 256 recipients through ‘broadcast’. Whereas in Bulk SMS there is no such limit. You can send SMS to 1 lakh recipients on a single click.

2. Internet connectivity

To receive message via whatsapp, it is necessary to have an internet connection. Whereas there is no such restrictions in bulk SMS. SMS is compatible with every mobile device. This makes it an ideal choice for every industry. Also there is no need for installing a separate app if we are sending SMS.

3. Open rate

Bulk SMS has a high open rate of 98% as compared to other mediums. Infact sending whatsapp messages for promotional purposes is considered as intrusion of privacy.

Advantages of Bulk SMS

 Highest open rate of 98%.
 High readability and response rates.
 Better engagement with the customer.
 No need of internet connection.
 No filters as information goes straight away in the inbox.
 Fastest way to reach clients.
 Reaches the customer within seconds.
 Progress can be measured from the Delivery reports
 Budget friendly method of communication.
 Compatible with every mobile device.

Hence taking into consideration all the factors, it can be said that Bulk SMS is definitely a better choice for interacting with clients. Whatsapp Bulk SMS is sending promotional and advertising bulk messages to clients on whatsapp. Take the Bulk SMS Service of Fast2SMS and reach your customers instantly. The robust platform of Fast2SMS offers you the benefit of communicating with your clients at a very affordable rates.


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