bulk sms vendors

bulk sms vendors

Bulk SMS services help businesses target large client bases within a few seconds. These services are quite helpful for startups and established organizations and help them expand their customer database. Bulk messaging offers planned communication strategies to businesses. These services allow companies to send important reminders, updates, service alerts, and other helpful information to their customers.

You will get plenty of suggestions in India if you search for the best bulk SMS service provider in India over the web. Each service provider claims to be the most reliable in the industry. Only price comparisons will not help you to find the most trusted SMS gateway service provider for your business. To select the best service for your business, you must consider each factor to help you determine your requirements.

After considering factors that include higher return, the responsiveness of customer care, SMS APIs, flexibility, price, data integrity, transparency, data security, and downtime efficiency, we are here with the top 10 most reliable bulk SMS gateway service providersWith the help of this list, you will be able to select an Ideal service provider as per your requirements.

Fonada: Secure, Affordable, And Interactive Bulk SMS Service Provider

Fonada was founded in 2014 by Sumit Mohan Saxena and Nitish Gopalani. It offers broadcasting and telecom communication solutions to businesses. Their bulk SMS service is quite adequate, and they can deliver messages to masses nationwide within seconds flawlessly. Fonada aims to help enterprises to innovate, enhance brand image, and boost ROI through strategic insights to stay ahead of competitors. Their SMS bulk service includes push notification, chatbot, voice call across various industries, instant messaging, email, etc.

Stronghold on a network connection with over 1500+ mobile operators, Fonada helps its clients to reach targeted users immediately without facing any difficulty. As one of India’s most reliable and cost-efficient bulk SMS service providers, Fonada delivers instant messaging solutions via its user-friendly, always accessible cloud platform and robust APIs. This bulk SMS service allows organizations to expand their business and connect with their users.

Text Local: Allow Users To Have Real-Time Delivery Reports

Text local was founded in 2005 by two friends, Alastair Shortland Darren Daws. It is a UK-based firm and offers its bulk SMS services in India. It allows businesses to send promotional and transactional texts via its dedicated web platform, email, plugins, and APIs. Text local provides real-time delivery stats of messages to the businesses so that they can have complete track of the SMS sent for multiple purposes. Companies have options to choose various SMS packages as per their requirements. Text local bulk SMS prices are slightly higher than others; however, they take full ownership of their SMS deliveries, which is why they are one of the leading bulk SMS service providers in India.

GupShup: SMS Gateway Service For Instant Delivery

GupShup is one of India’s oldest and most reliable SMS service providers. Their headquarters are established in Silicon Valley and deliver pan India services. Beer sheth is the founder of this company and is also a founder of Elance (Popularly known as an Upwork)

Gupchup offers instant messaging RCS solution, checkbox, and WhatsApp services. Their messaging API is quite helpful for businesses because they allow them to send OTPs, track performance, and shorten links.

Msg91: Robust Infrastructure For Messaging

Msg91 Started in 2010 as a bulk SMS service provider in India. Today it is a well-known name in this industry; It offers various services, including transactional and promotional SMS and OTP APIs. Their M-campaign feature allows clients have extensive data for customer analytics. MSG91 provides a variety of plugins and add-ons like Google spreadsheets, Excel plugins, and email. The robust infrastructure makes this company unique which helps them to deliver 50 million SMS daily.

2Factor: High Data Integrity

2Factor is quite a reliable SMS gateway provider in India. They are popularly known for offering cloud messaging solutions via Rest API calls and clients’ SMS campaigns through voice call enterprise-grade APIs and OTPs.

2Factor is linked with Telcos and provides users with an instant SMS delivery solution. Clients are required to pay for the service if they receive OTP on their phone within 15 seconds via the primary operator.

Fast2SMS: Fast And Reliable

Fast2SMS is an Indian company and was started in 2011 in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. This SMS gateway service provider offers its services to a mixed bunch of clients such as developers, startups, individuals, and educational sectors. New users are allowed to test fast2SMS services for free when they sign up for the first time.

Bulk SMS: Instant Delivery Of SMS

Bulk SMS was founded two decades ago and is a well-known bulk SMS gateway service provider in India. It is quite popular among users, and they serve their services in India and have expanded their network in countries like South Africa, the UK, the USA, etc. Bulk SMS offers its services to individuals as well as enterprises. Its users can send a message for competitions, information services, voting, campaign, or customer relationship management. Also, its users are authorized to manage their SMS communication via its online web portal.

Infobip: Offers Communication Service Across Various Channels

Infobip is one of India’s most famous names among SMS gateway service providers. Apart from SMS, they provide their communication service across various channels such as WhatsApp business, Fb, Viber, Line, Messenger, and more.

Infobip is directly connected with network operators globally, which is why they can provide instant SMS delivery without interruption.

Bulk SMS Gateway: Unique User Interface

Bulk SMS is one of the fastest-growing companies serving several clients across the country with a presence in Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Delhi. An SMS gateway allows enterprises to send promotional and transactional SMS, voice SMS, and group SMS via API. With its unique user interface, it offers its services at a fixed open rate and always tries to maintain the quality of service with an extensive range of offerings.

Exotel: Provide A Detailed Report

Exotel is one of India’s most popular and known bulk SMS service providers. The company was established in 2011, aiming to deliver a specialized voice solution for business communication and streamline operations of enterprises’ efficiency. They offer SMS products via rest API. Exotel allows businesses to send bulk SMS campaigns, make an appointment, and send reminders, status updates, and surveys.


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Wrapping Up

Bulk SMS services help enterprises understand their target audience and allow them to reach them anywhere at any time. These services are quite helpful for any business’s growth, enabling them to automate their processes and reduce operational costs. All the names of bulk SMS service providers suggested in this post are reliable enough to trust, and you can avail of their services. You can pick a name and avail of their bulk SMS gateway in India service as per your priority and requirements!

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