Bulksms and whatsapp service provider ?

Bulksms and whatsapp service provider

Top 8 Global Bulk WhatsApp Messaging Providers

Text message marketing is one of the powerful ways and a great option for small businesses to interact with their customers. Texting helps to increase your sales by generating potential leads for your business and offers the best response rates than any other medium. If you have not included SMS Service in your marketing campaigns and are skeptical in integrating it, then you will lose the incredible opportunity of improving your brand and business revenue.

Today, Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging platforms across the globe. The increasing popularity has triggered marketers to use WhatsApp as their marketing platform to market their products. Using WhatsApp for marketing is one of the easiest ways to send promotional offers and gain product recognition at an initial stage. So, it is good to send WhatsApp bulk messages to your global customers.

One of the widely used features of WhatsApp is sending bulk messages to people. It is a very effective method for a business to contact leads and build customer loyalty. The advantages of bulk messaging are: (1) Saves your time; (2) Minimal Effort; (3) Cost-Effective; and (4) Instant Impact.

Facts of Bulk messages:

99% open rate & higher response rate
90% of SMS read within 3 minutes
75% of the total world population prefer SMS over other communication mediums
More than 5 billion people use mobile phones to send and receive SMS
91% of people keep their cell phones within arm’s reach 24/7
85% of people prefer receiving texts over emails and calls
75% of customers opt for receiving promotional messages from brands

A few examples of how bulk SMS services are used in various sectors.

Educational institutionsuse bulk SMS to send information to parents and/or educators
Hotels and/or restaurants make use of bulk SMS to send special offers or invitations
Theatres, cinemas avail bulk SMS services for tickets and offers
Courier and Packaging companies use bulk SMS to send tracking information
Bank sectors make use of bulk SMS to send OTPs and Credit Card alerts
E-Stores use bulk SMS to send product alerts and for customer lead generation

Below is a list of the top 8 bulk WhatsApp messaging tools/software available in the market to help you identify the best tool for your business.

(1) Whatso

Whatso is one of the most user-friendly WhatsApp marketing software. This tool allows you to send bulk messages to potential clients. We can get both bulk WhatsApp Sender and SMS Marketing in a single software.


Sends thousands of messages with no fixed limit on characters
Sends custom messages and provides up to 15 custom fields
Grabs contacts from WhatsApp Groups, Sending Log, Scheduled Sending & Numbers Filter
OS Supported: Windows 10 (32 & 64 bit), Windows 8/7/Vista & XP

How easy to send messages using Whatso?

Import Phone Numbers
Create Message
Send Message

(2) Waam-it

Waam-it is a WhatsApp marketing solution that allows users to send an unlimited amount of customized WhatsApp messages automatically to any number of contacts. It supports 60 languages and is apt for a global organization.


Personalize your messages including names, emojis, links, etc.
Unlimited messaging
Skipping and backlisting unresponsive or wrong numbers
Deduplication of phone numbers through filtering
OS Supported: Windows

How easy to send messages using Waam-it?

Add files
Create Message
Send Messages/files

(3) Vepaar

Vepaar is a platform specially designed for small businesses that can be managed from home. This platform is equipped with advanced CRM features that helps its users to semi-automate their business workflow.


My Biz Page allows users to create a dedicated page for their online business and customers can visit links of the store to start shopping
Poll feature provided enables users to generate feedback from their customers
Intuitive reports offer real-time business-based analytics and allow its users to monitor their business and take effective decisions in real-time
Enable users to provide live chat support to their clients without the need for an additional setup or fees
OS Supported: Windows, Ubuntu, MacOS

How easy to send messages using Vepaar?

Signup and Login
Create your BizPage
Add category, products, shipping configurations, checkout fields, payment integrations
Share product/catalog/store links with customers
Start receiving order


WappBlaster helps you to send unlimited bulk messages to your current and potential clients. It allows the users to send customized messages to their potential customers without getting blocked or being marked as spam.


An anti-blocking algorithm sends customized messages in bulk without getting blocked
Customize your messages based on your business requirements by adding images, videos, and texts
Supports multiple accounts
OS Supported: Windows

How easy to send messages using WappBlaster?

Create Message
Add files
Send Messages/files


WhatSender makes it easy to send customized bulk WhatsApp messages directly from PC simply and effectively. You can import all your contacts from TXT or CSV file and send a Whatsapp message to all contacts in a single click.


Ability to see the report of the campaign
Multi-Account to automatically send messages from different WhatsApp accounts
Grab contacts from WhatsApp groups
Generate a log after sending messages
Send messages on a set time automatically
OS Supported: Windows

How easy to send messages using WhatSender?

Import or add your contacts
Create the message to send
Send the message

(6)Q Sender

Q Sender makes two-way communication with customers directly and creates a brand value. It is one of the fastest broadcasting software that can send messages and updates about your product or service to 1000 customers/minute


Monitor the campaigns and generate instant analysis
Adapt all multimedia formats
Send personalized messages
Manage email addresses of all the contacts
Unlimited keys are generated for reselling purpose
OS Supported: Windows

How easy to send messages using Q Sender?

Click to initiate
Select country code
Choose message type
Type message content
Send messages


(7)WhatsApp SMS Myntra

WhatsApp SMS Myntra allows you to send millions of messages at the most affordable price. Users get an access to advanced WhatsApp Marketing Panel that consists of multiple mobile numbers and email IDs.


Saves a lot of time by the addition of unlimited mobile numbers from anywhere, anytime, and also from any number you want
Send bulk messages to clients without any cost per message
Send messages to your clients instantly
Accept all multimedia file formats
OS Supported: iOS, Android

How easy to send messages using WhatsApp SMS Myntra?

Import from file
Type message content
Select message type
Send message


Agnitas allows you to manage and create email campaigns to meet high-security standards especially with the requirements of GOs/NGOs & financial institutions.


Easily personalize and customize messages
Content management
Multimedia and multiple language support
Sends a reply to customers at right time automatically
Integration with CRM features
OS Supported: Windows, Mac, Android, Linux

How easy to send messages using Agnitas?

Create mailings
Type message content
Send message
View an overview about sent mailing

Final thoughts

Bulk messaging allows you to place your message in the palm of your customer’s hand. “Reaches customer within seconds”. If you haven’t tried this type of platform with your customers yet, you should try and feel the efficiency and easiness of this type of interaction. Most of the companies have already started making use of this platform by realizing the high potential features offered by WhatsApp. Finding the best bulk WhatsApp messaging software for your business is now faster and easier! Compare & leverage the features of these top 10 WhatsApp messaging software, and get the best out of them for your business and expand your reach by sharing images, texts, videos, and more.

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