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List of the Best Bulk SMS Apps in Nigeria

These apps are only available on Android, therefore it’s only Android users that can use the Bulk SMS Apps and for iOS users, you can always use the web version of these Bulk SMS Apps. Feel free to check them Here.

1. MultiTexter Bulk SMS

MultiTexter is not a new Bulk SMS App to some people, but if you’re just getting to know about this app. Well I’ll tell you it’s the best in Nigeria and it’s an app owned by one of the best Bulk SMS Platforms in Nigeria, and with their app, you can always save yourself from the stress of using their website. The app has almost the same features as the ones found on their website.

With the MultiTexter Bulk SMS app, you can always send bulk messages to any numbers in Nigeria and in Africa. The app makes sending Bulk SMS very easy and it has cool features, you’ll free units when you sign up via the app and you can buy credits easily through the app. MultiTexter is one of the best Bulk SMS Apps in Nigeria.

2. EbulkSMS

EbulkSMS is a very powerful app for sending Bulk SMS and it’s arguably one of the best out there in Nigeria, there’s a lot you can do with this app and its features are one of the reasons why I recommended it. EbulkSMS can send messages to numbers using DND mode to avoid unwanted messages and they’ll get notified. You can send Bulk SMS to any number in Nigeria and Abroad.

You can send bulk messages with this app regardless of your network mode, the app is very easy to use and you can also make use of their website anytime you want. EbulkSMS app gives its users free units when they sign up via the app. This app is a very good Bulk SMS App and you can use it on your Android device.

3. Bulksmslive

Bulksmslive has one of the best platforms to send bulk messages in Nigeria, they offer fast and top-notch services and they have some of the cheapest rates to send Bulk SMS. While you can do all you want via their website, you can always make use of their mobile app and that offers faster services compared to the web version. You can easily make payments via the app and you can reach out to customer support faster.

Bulksmslive app is very easy to use, it’s mobile-friendly and you can enjoy some of its features like uploading contacts and scheduling them for a later date. The app also offers free delivery reports when you send bulk messages. It’s one of the best Bulk SMS Apps in Nigeria and it works effectively.

4. Multi SMS Sender

Multi SMS Sender is an app you can use to send bulk messages to your contacts with just one single click on the press button. It’s an app you can use to send messages easily and it’s very easy to use, it has cool features and some of the features it has it that, you can create multiple groups at once and send them messages.

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You can also add signatures to your messages and the app also saves the history of sent messages in case you want to send similar messages to the same group of contacts on your phone. Multi SMS Sender is very good and it’s one of the best apps to send Bulk SMS in Nigeria.

5. 80kobo Bulk SMS

80kobo Bulk SMS is another good Bulk SMS Platform in Nigeria and they offer services that make business owners reach their customers easily and as well for individuals who want to send bulk messages to friends and contacts. You can also use their app to send bulk messages and the app offers a better way to reach a large number of contacts.

80kobo Bulk SMS also gives a free delivery report when you send bulk messages and it also delivers messages to numbers using DND mode. This app is one of the best Bulk SMS Apps in Nigeria and you can download it on your Android device.


For sending Bulk SMS in Nigeria, these are the best apps you can use and while some of these apps haven’t been updated in a long time, their functions might not be very effective but you can always reach out to their customer support or you send your bulk messages via their website.

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